It’s been said that drawing and painting are as innate to young children as speech. For me, art was pure joy as a child, and something that I never could abandon for very long all through life. I was in love with the work of Michelangelo as a preschooler as my mother had repeatedly showed me his work in our encyclopedia set. After high school, I left Connecticut for the Art Institute of Philadelphia, then the School of Visual arts in New York. Being a small-town kid, I was easily confused by the New York City art world and left for California in hopes to become a screenwriter. I began to make a living as an illustrator doing odd jobs while chasing a career in the entertainment industry. I began steady work as a storyboard illustrator which was an enjoyable and broad field of work ranging from tv, movies, animation to advertising. After putting down my paintbrushes for five or six years, I picked them up again. Over the years, my subject matter varied and after trying a few different styles, I settled in as an impressionist of sorts for 20-something years, But now I feel my aesthetic sensibilities evolving. A modern but classical change happening in my art. As for style, it has been said by great masters that simply honest painting is enough, meaning hard work and careful study. I love that thought and have endeavored  to make those practices take precedence.